FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 3, How to Mount The Logger to the Bike

Last week I mentioned I was going to be busy in my garage making a mount for the data logger and sensors. Well, I have been. Here is what I have so far.   The Basic Construction I thought about what to build this with and after looking at aluminum, pvc, plastic, etc., I settled […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 2, Elevation Data

I’ve learned a lot since I posted “Studying Tires Part 1, Logging Data.” I mentioned that I believed there was either a shift in the barometric pressure, or that the absence of temperature and humidity were the reason for the shift in my driveway’s elevation. Today I have the results.   A 12-Hour Backyard Plot […]

FLO Cycling – What I’ve Learned from My Time in a Wind Tunnel – Part 2

This article is a follow up to last week’s article FLO Cycling – What I’ve Learned from My Time in a Wind Tunnel – Part 1.  I suggest reading the previous article before you read this one, especially if you want a bit of background on wind tunnels. Here we go with the rest of the […]

FLO Cycling – What I’ve Learned from My Time in a Wind Tunnel – Part 1

The first time Chris and I visited the A2 Wind Tunnel we were under the assumption that testing a wheel was a simple as placing it in the wind tunnel and reading the results. What we didn’t know was that there a large number of things that can alter the results. We also didn’t really […]

FLO Cycling – The Great Debate – Aero vs. Weight

“What will save you more time?”  Improving the aerodynamics or decreasing the weight of your wheel set?  Jon and I have probably been asked this question hundreds if not thousands of times since starting FLO.  When designing FLO wheels, we focused primarily on aerodynamics.  We did that because in almost every situation possible, aerodynamics have […]

FLO Cycling – FLO 30 Wind Tunnel Results and the Retesting of the FLO 60, 90, and DISC

Chris and I spent an awesome day testing at the A2 Wind Tunnel last week.  We spent more time testing then ever before and we are excited to share the results with you.  Here’s a breakdown of what we tested. – FLO 30 with four different tires from 0-25 degrees of yaw in 2.5 degree […]

FLO Cycling – CFD and Wind Tunnels. Are they for Design or Marketing?

The goal of a wheel designer is to create the fastest wheel possible while also reducing drag as much as possible.  With the design of the FLO 30 underway, I was asked a really great question recently that I thought deserved some attention.  Does CFD and time in the wind tunnel really help you design […]

FLO Cycling – Cycling Wheel Aerodynamics – How Speed, Time, and Power are Affected by Reducing Drag

Note: For an updated version of this blog article displaying the time savings for our new 2016 model wheels, read this article.There’s a list of common questions we see from people trying to understand the importance of cycling wheel aerodynamics.  These questions include the following: 1.  Your CFD simulations and wind tunnel tests used wind speeds […]