FLO Cycling – How to Pick Race Wheels for a Triathlete

One of the most common questions we get at FLO has to do with wheel selection.  It’s a great question.   Wheel selection depends on a few things.  For starters, what you intend to use the wheels for is important.  Today, we’ll consider picking wheels for triathletes. I like to break the selection process down […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 8 – A Lot of Talking

If you read Part 7 last week, you will remember that at the end of the post, I said we were headed back to the drawing board.  Our CdA numbers were not what we expected and I was a bit frustrated.  However, I received an email from one of our past customers, who is currently […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 7 – Solving for CdA

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about our tire study.  Things have been busy here at FLO.  Our last post discussed our maiden voyage.  Since that time we’ve spent a lot of time riding the sensor around and have started to analyze the results.  While we are not 100% of the way there, we […]