FLO Cycling – A History of Bike for a Kid

Bike for a Kid is an in house charitable program that donates bikes to underprivileged children.  The program began when we created FLO in February 2012 and was originally funded through the sale of ceramic bearing wheels.  That changed when we discontinued our ceramic bearing wheel line in 2016 and today we use 1% of all FLO […]

FLO Cycling – The Importance of a Testing Protocol Part 1

Did you know the way you inflate your tires can ruin the results of a wind tunnel study all together?  Data from a wind tunnel test, or any test for that matter, is only as good as the protocol used to collect it.  Jon and I have always been very transparent with our testing protocol […]

FLO Cycling – Gravel Wheel Customer Feedback

We announced the development of our gravel wheels last week.  As we have done with the development of previous products, we asked for your suggestions.  We know that your suggestions will ultimately make a better product and we appreciate all of the feedback we have received so far.  We wanted to take a minute and […]

FLO Cycling – Our Next Adventure – Gravel Wheels

Why do businesses start?  The list of reasons is endless.  For us, the desire to start FLO revolved around solving a problem.  That problem was that good quality cycling wheels were expensive. We wanted to produce a cycling wheel that was as good as the best in the industry but cut the cost by up […]

FLO Cycling – Why Selling Consumer Direct to International Customers Keeps Pricing Low

Our international customers often ask if we sell our products through international distributors or bike shops.  The quick answer is no. We are a consumer direct brand for many reasons.  Keeping the cost of our wheels lower for our consumers regardless of where they live is one of the biggest reasons. Some “consumer direct” companies […]

FLO Cycling – Import Guide – Importing FLO Wheels When Buying Internationally

FLO is a US based consumer direct brand. This sales model offers many benefits such as lower product cost and direct communication with our customers. (Additional information is outlined in our Consumer Direct Sales Article.  We understand there are some limitations as well. One of the most common questions we get from international customers is, “how do […]

FLO Cycling – Defining Consumer Direct Sales

When FLO started in 2011, we made the decision to sell our products via a consumer direct sales channel.  The industry standard at the time was to sell products through a retail bike shop, but for us, selling directly to the consumer made more sense. This became a key part of our business model.  So […]

FLO Cycling – A2 Wind Tunnel Tire Study Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the aerodynamic drag created by different tires on a front FLO 60 Carbon Clincher wheel.  As many of you know, when searching for the fastest tire, aerodynamic drag is only half of the equation.  In order to know how much power is required to rotate your […]