FLO Cycling – How Much Time Will FLO Wheels Save Me?

The benefit of aero race wheels is that they reduce your overall drag and make you faster.  In 2012, I wrote a blog article that discussed how much time you’d save by reducing your drag while traveling at speeds between 1-30mph.  In that article I discussed how there is a common misconception that you have […]

FLO Cycling – What is a Net Drag Reduction Value

We’ve always believed in trying to be as realistic as possible when estimating time savings for a given wheel. To do this we use our Net Drag Reduction Value equation. If you’re wondering what the Net Drag Reduction Value equation is, you’ve come to the right place.   Setting the Baseline When you calculate time savings, you […]

FLO Cycling – How to Pick Wheels for the Off Season Fall/Winter Riding

Being in a race is not the only time wheel selection is important.  While most people focus on race day wheels, most of our time is spent training.  This article aims to help you with picking the best wheels for “off season or fall/winter riding”. Before we go any further, I think it makes sense […]

FLO Cycling – How to Pick Wheels for a Century

It’s no wonder completing a century is a common goal for a number of cyclists.  Riding 100 miles in one event is a big accomplishment. A good friend who is a century rider and seven time finisher of Lotoja, says that anything can happen over 100 miles, and he’s absolutely right.  Being prepared for the […]

FLO Cycling – How to Pick Wheels for a Time Trialist

With so many options available, it’s no wonder questions about wheel selection are common at FLO.  Picking the right wheels depends on a number of factors and one of the biggest factors is what you intend to use the wheels for.  Today, we will focus on how to pick wheels for a time trial event. […]

FLO Cycling – Picking a Wheel Build That’s Right for You – Standard vs. Clydesdale, It’s Not All About Weight

When buying a new bike, it’s not common that the number of spokes in the wheels are discussed.  From your first bike as a kid, to your current road or triathlon bike, it’s assumed that the wheels that come with the bike, just work.  For this reason, it’s easy to understand why people have questions […]

FLO Cycling – How to Pick Race Wheels for a Triathlete

One of the most common questions we get at FLO has to do with wheel selection.  It’s a great question.   Wheel selection depends on a few things.  For starters, what you intend to use the wheels for is important.  Today, we’ll consider picking wheels for triathletes. I like to break the selection process down […]