FLO Cycling – A2 Wind Tunnel Tire Study Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at the aerodynamic drag created by different tires on a front FLO 60 Carbon Clincher wheel.  As many of you know, when searching for the fastest tire, aerodynamic drag is only half of the equation.  In order to know how much power is required to rotate your […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 8 – A Lot of Talking

If you read Part 7 last week, you will remember that at the end of the post, I said we were headed back to the drawing board.  Our CdA numbers were not what we expected and I was a bit frustrated.  However, I received an email from one of our past customers, who is currently […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 7 – Solving for CdA

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about our tire study.  Things have been busy here at FLO.  Our last post discussed our maiden voyage.  Since that time we’ve spent a lot of time riding the sensor around and have started to analyze the results.  While we are not 100% of the way there, we […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 6 – The Maiden Voyage

Over the last few days, I’ve been able to get out on the road to test the sensors and my carpentry skills. Everything has been going really well. Here is a quick update on what we’ve been doing.   The Voyage The first ride was at a slow-paced eight mile trip. I wanted to make […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 5 – Wind Direction and a Complete Rebuild

The wind direction sensor I have been waiting for has finally arrived from Germany. It’s made by a company called Lufft and is accurate to +/- 1 degree. There are a number of wind direction options but most fall into the +/- 5 degree range. Since the yaw angle spread on a bike is narrow, […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 4, Relative Velocity

This week we have new parts. I just received a new wind speed sensor. If you are wondering why, I’d guess you are not alone. While a Garmin will give us great data on rider speed, it will not give us any information on relative velocity. For example, if you are riding 20 mph into […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 3, How to Mount The Logger to the Bike

Last week I mentioned I was going to be busy in my garage making a mount for the data logger and sensors. Well, I have been. Here is what I have so far.   The Basic Construction I thought about what to build this with and after looking at aluminum, pvc, plastic, etc., I settled […]

FLO Cycling – Studying Tires Part 2, Elevation Data

I’ve learned a lot since I posted “Studying Tires Part 1, Logging Data.” I mentioned that I believed there was either a shift in the barometric pressure, or that the absence of temperature and humidity were the reason for the shift in my driveway’s elevation. Today I have the results.   A 12-Hour Backyard Plot […]